Reasons Why I Love To Travel

Reasons Why I Love To Travel

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” ~Henry Miller

It’s hard to deny: the world is full of amazing places, inspiring people, and enriching experiences that are just waiting for us to discover them. With 7 continents, close to 8 billion people, and millions of different cultures blended together to tell one story starting from the beginning of time, there is more to be seen and experienced than I could ever imagine to do in one lifetime.

For me, there is nothing like leaving home, getting on a plane, train, or bus and venturing to a brand new town, city or country that I have never been to before. It is absolutely one of the greatest joys in my life. I love mystery and the unknown, and for me, each new adventure is a new beginning into that unknown.

When I was little and people used to ask that dreaded question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I used to say a flight attendant, because I wanted the opportunity to see and experience the world as much as possible. That dream, and life purpose of mine, never faded, which is why after solo traveling in my mid-20s, I married a man whose passion was also travel, together visiting nearly 60 countries on 6 continents. My adventure continues.

Here are the top reasons I love to travel:

Seeking New Perspectives

There is always something new and enlightening to see and behold in a new land. Whether it’s a photo to shoot, a new person to meet, or another culture to learn about, every day offers fresh adventures and unknown conquests to be had around every corner.

Feeding My Soul

When I travel, I feel a nourishment deep in my soul that I can’t get anywhere else. I know it’s my life purpose. I often leave my accommodation in the morning and don’t return til late night, feeling so fulfilled with my day’s wanderings, explorations and activities.

Gaining New Ideas

Traveling humbles me and helps me to see things in a new light. The people I meet along my way fill my mental journal with new ways of thinking, acting and living, ways I was never aware of or ever knew were possible.

Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

We all get comfortable in our routines, which is why traveling is so important. I challenge myself when I travel, and this helps me to grow. Whether it be hiking at 5000+m in the Peruvian Andes or dealing with rough trails and arduous trekking conditions in Colombia, sleeping in lodging environments that were not as cozy as I am used to or taking overnight train journeys in not-so-comfortable conditions; I have grown with each passing day of every trip I have experienced.

Discovering Myself

Aside from seeing and experiencing new adventures in life, traveling allows me to take time for myself and rediscover myself. Having time to relax, breathe, meditate and reflect while visiting temples, shrines, cathedrals, ashrams and the like have all permitted me to contemplate my past, present and future.

A Great Escape:

Travel for me is a great way to escape the busyness of my daily routine while also enriching myself. Time slows down; schedules and itineraries are cast aside and spontaneity comes to life.

Meeting New People:

I love learning about new customs, cultures, and food, which is why I adore meeting new people in my travels and learning about their way of life. Sharing one’s own culture with someone who knows as little of yours as you do of theirs is a rich and rewarding experience.

Re-fueling and Energizing:

Sometimes, we need to mix things up to get our natural energy flowing. For me, I feel more energized than ever when I am out exploring on the road. A childlike curiosity often takes over, leaving me feeling bubbly and bouncy and ready for each day with new vigor and vitality.

Encountering Tribal Arts/Cultural Items:

One interest I have that not many people know about is my passion for collecting vintage clothing, tribal jewelry and other art, crafts and antiques found in my travels. With these come trips to local and flea markets, boutique and vintage shops and stories with each item collected, stories which I love to share with others.

Why do you love to travel? I’d love to hear your reasons.

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Mine Yalcin Fuller is an international yoga teacher, transformational facilitator and the creator of 7 Doorways Method for those who are ready to step into the next-level. Her mission is to empower people to become the most authentic version of themselves, access true vitality and vibrate at their highest frequency.

Inspired by her lifelong quest to seek self-healing, her work is grounded in many years of studying various styles of yoga, sacred movement, spiritual traditions and the healing arts all over the world. Overcoming her own traumas has set her on the path of awakening and now she guides others to do the same. While most of her offerings are open to all, she is particularly passionate about supporting women on their path of healing and to connect their feminine essence.

Her services include a wide range of signature one-on-one sessions, group classes and international workshops and retreats. She’s a change maker who brings cutting-edge healing practices to her community and to hundreds of people from all over the world to support personal growth, radical self-care, transformation and authentic living.