Mine’s classes and workshops are life changing. I have experienced clarity in my life direction in her visioning workshops, release from energetic blockages through her breathwork journeys, body alignment in her yoga and dance classes, and a quiet sense of deep healing in her sound healing sessions. Offering an interwoven blend of ceremonies from various world traditions, Mine uses her vast knowledge of practices to help workshop participants release blockages and expand consciousness.

I highly recommend her work for those wanting to get clear in their life focus, to grow past personal limitations, to awaken the Divine Feminine, and to deepen and expand compassion for themselves and others. A truly gifted teacher, Mine is accessible and welcoming. Her gentle yet powerful practices attune the mind/body/spirit connection, offering holistic wisdom that leads to healing, authenticity, self-acceptance, and service to others.”

~Kat Lehman, Librarian & Writer, USA

Douglas Halliday

“I have been attending Mine’s yoga classes for a few years now. I was a nervous absolute beginner at yoga when I first started but her gentle reassuring approach, clear instructions and encouragement helped me to relax and enjoy the experience. The atmosphere she creates in the class is always warm and nurturing. Her enthusiasm, preparation, delivery and care in making sure that we all get the best out of each class is excellent – the flow, restorative poses, mediation and ever changing type of exercises we do keeps us on our toes, quite literally. She has studied her craft well, diversified in style and it has been interesting observing her evolve and grow. I have learned a lot from her. At the end of each class, I leave feeling calm, relaxed and as if I have had a good body and soul workout.”

~Douglas Halliday, English Language Teacher, Scotland

Lesley Gonsalves

“I have known Mine for over five years now. She has a wonderfully loyal yoga group which shows her eloquent talent as a teacher. Mine has a spiritual calling to help others with her yoga and sound therapy. It’s an honor to know her as she shares knowledge on a lifestyle, not just yoga! Mine’s style of yoga is slow, strong, mindful and gentle, yet intense. You will come away feeling peacefully energized and  welcome. She has a warmth that resonates and grows into a feeling of belonging like that of family. Mine works with pure intention from a place of unconditional love for her work and the people she teaches. She helps you release old energy and restore your balance through yoga, meditation, sound/vibrational healing and movement. I have several injuries and found Mine is qualified in adapting the yoga to suit my personal needs.”

~Lesley Gonsalves, Unicorn Reiki Master, UK

I have participated in many workshops and yoga classes Mine has offered and I can only describe them to be ‘Food for the Soul’ where you go in empty and come out refueled with healing energy, thought patterns shifted, and a fresh perspective for your journey. Mine’s workshops and teaching have fostered my own spiritual journey. So grateful!”

~Lilliana Perrucci, Energy Healer, Italy

Alanna Scales

Mine’s yoga classes and workshops have helped me to discover and confront parts of my being that I’m not sure I would have otherwise realized. What I enjoy most about Mine is her calm nature and the strong vibrant energy she possesses. Whether it’s a workshop or a yoga class, I always feel happy, rejuvenated and inspired to meet my goals after spending time with her.

As someone who is working towards becoming a certified yoga teacher myself, Mine has inspired how I structure and deliver my own classes. She also has a way of adding the spiritual element of yoga and meditation into her work. Years ago, I thought yoga was just a way to stay fit. Mine has helped me learn that yoga is about balancing our energy and connecting with the self, through the self.

I would recommend anyone to work with her as she is a beautiful soul inside and out and has the ability to make you feel comfortable as she is humble and non-judgmental. She is a true healer and the elements she adds to her classes (sound healing, dance, movement and meditation) have a profound effect on the mind, body and soul and can transport you to places you never thought imaginable.

She takes her work very seriously and is always well-prepared and planned for her instruction. In my opinion, passionate teachers who see their work as a vocation are often the best teachers: Mine is one of these teachers. Her classes and workshops will leave a lasting impression to anyone who attends them.

~Alanna Scales, Yoga Teacher, Canada

“I attended two workshops with Mine, one was ‘Manifesting Your Vision for the New Year’ and the other one ‘Celebrating the Divine Feminine’. Both workshops called me for the self reflective work they involved.Mine has a nurturing grace about her, always creating a sacred and safe space for the students to open their hearts and allow themselves to be vulnerable. She’s passionate about the teachings she delivers and this passion is felt as she speaks and guides the students through movement. If you’re looking to gain a fresh perspective on things, self-reflect and grow, I would recommend attending one of her workshop with an open heart.”

~Aisha Bubshait, Yoga Teacher, Bahrain

I found Mine’s work deeply transformational. She’s knowledgeable and holds the highest intention for her work. She creates an environment of safety and trust that makes you feel completely safe in her hands.”

~Paula Costa, Yoga Teacher, Portugal

“I started yoga with Mine in 2016 where weekly yoga classes began a journey of discovery. Through her teaching and demonstrations, I began to learn new ways of looking at life where the important issues became the focus and forging healthy alternatives to the way we live. Ever forgiving, compassionate and holistically-wise, Mine brings constant guidance, fun and reassurance that, there is a way forward… Working with her gives everyone a chance to shake off anything that isn’t beneficial to the spirit, mind or body. Relaxed and calm, Mine influences by example. Her inspirational intentions ‘rub off’ on her attendees, and therefore she provides an inspiring platform for increasing confidence in oneself, strengthening the mind and the will to change for the better. Mine is an intuitive, gifted teacher who is warming for anyone in need of seeking a new meaning to running one’s life. Her historical recollections of previous yoga and healing events around the world provide interesting background to her unique methods and teachings. Work with Mine, she brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to those seeking some change in their life and supportive to all those that are in need. Her dedicated knowledge on most energy and restorative techniques is backed up by her ‘calling’ to teach all around the world. We are very lucky she is available locally.”

~Mark Wootton, Aeronautical Engineering Instructor, UK

Amal Jaffar

I love Mine’s workshops because they are very authentic. I always know that I am up for a unique experience and a special time spent with myself. Mine constantly reminds me of the magic of the divine, and the beauty of healing. She’s creative, articulate, true, compassionate and fun!”

~Amal Jaffar, Yoga Teacher, Bahrain

Caroline Brackmann

“I always look forward to and enjoy Mine’s transformative workshops. She creates a safe and loving space where I can tune into myself and listen to what my soul is saying. I leave her workshops with a renewed focus, calm and a refreshed spirit.”

~Caroline Brackmann, Yoga Teacher, USA

“I started yoga with Mine in 2012 and was hooked after the first class. Mine is a generous and passionate person and a highly skilled and fantastic yoga teacher. She is intuitive, empathetic and compassionate. I have participated in both classes and workshops taught by Mine and have also worked with her privately to practice. Mine’s dedication and encouragement in our one-on-one sessions inspired me to delve deeper into myself. I truly benefited working with her in all levels. I always left the classes feeling incredibly centered and balanced. I am physically, mentally and spiritually stronger and more capable of meeting any challenge in my life as a result of Mine’s guidance and it has been a pure joy and inspiration to practice yoga with her. She has an uncanny ability and gift to guide you along the pathway of yoga and self development. I recommend her one-on-one sessions, classes and workshops to everyone who wants to bring peace and contentment to their lives.”

~Adriana Weder, German Language Entrepreneur, Poland

“Mine holds beautiful space for healing and presence from the minute you step into her space. She embodies the essence of a Nurturing Goddess from her heart through her voice, through her hands. Her workshop, Breath of Bliss, was a perfect blend of playfulness, movement, exploration, guidance, reflection, and stillness.  Through her workshop, I was able to identify, feel, and make amends with a long-standing belief that no longer served me. Then through her guided breathwork session, I was able to breathe through layers upon layers of residual energy stored in my body that was locked up with that same belief. I walked out of her workshop a renewed woman ready to walk even more proudly and upright in my own life’s journey.

~Haunani Drake, Licensed Acupuncturist and Experienced Yoga Teacher, USA

Joining Mine’s ‘Breath of Bliss Breathwork’ workshop was a gift to myself for self-healing and nurturing after a very busy work and training period – and what a wonderful treat it was! Mine’s beautifully flowing intuitive energy eased the group effortlessly into a harmonious circle – I loved the opening ceremony to start our day together and from that moment on I simply surrendered and flowed with Mine’s guidance through the beautifully varied stages of the workshop. I felt my body and mind ease, relax and expand and come back into my soul being through breath, sound and movement – a blissful flow of releasing and receiving and pure peaceful being. I loved every moment of the workshop and am deeply grateful for Mine’s insightful and powerful teachings.”

~Claudia Krogmann, Sound & Energy Healer, Germany

Libby Lies

“I loved my experience at Mine’s ‘Breath of Bliss Workshop’ and had heard amazing things from friends about her Vision Board Workshops. I was drawn to her positivity and compassion in previous workshop settings, so I knew beginning the New Year in a loving environment, with a positive group, and with such a loving teacher would make a significant impact. Through the Vision Board Workshop, I was able to identify many things about my choices, mistakes, and history that was no longer serving me in the present moment. I was also able to make specific goals in terms of my work goals, goals for my mental and physical health, and goals for my relationships that I’ve been working on. I look at my vision board each day and realize that I am carrying that positive energy throughout my daily life and feel comfort in knowing I’m still a work in progress, full of possibility. Mine’s presence and modeling allow you to release inhibition. She gives you the freedom to express yourself without judgment or criticism. I leave her workshops feeling rejuvenated, centered, and balanced. Mine’s workshops are absolutely worth the time and energy. Everyone can benefit from them as she has an amazing way of meeting you where you’re at and helping you to grow. Mine, you’ve created a little oasis of spiritual growth for me. Thank you for your love and light.”

~Libby Lies, High School English Teacher, USA

“Working with Mine has created substantial shifts in my life. She has helped me to release my fears, clear major emotional blockages and expedite my healing process. Mine is so inspiring and passionate about her work. She heals by word, breath, sound and energy. I am so grateful to know her and would highly recommend to anyone on the path of self-healing.”

~Alison Jenkins, Head Nurse, USA

“Mine’s workshops are amazing. Her energy is so powerful. She helps you to step outside your comfort zone and explore your true self gracefully. You heal and grow in her presence!

~Aleyna Khan, Lebanon

Trine Sundal

“The reason I joined Mine’s ‘Divine Feminine Workshop’ was because I wanted to explore the more feminine side of myself, not the doer and fixer, but the nurturing and unconditionally loving part of me. The ever pressing need to accomplish and be perfect gets me exhausted and I needed time to restore balance and to know that I am ok just the way I am. I also was hoping this workshop would give me an opportunity to connect with other women and give me a sense of support and sisterhood.

I got exactly what I wanted from the workshop, tools to tap into my divine feminine, as well as appreciating that side of other women. It created space and freedom to move and express myself in a different way that felt intuitive and connected. I loved the sharing and connection with the others in the group. I felt feminine, beautiful and more open hearted after the workshop.

Mine is such a lovely, heartfelt facilitator and it is apparent that she is so incredibly passionate about sharing her wisdom with other women like me. And that all she wants is for us to experience the freedom and bliss from connecting to the source of our divine feminine, to disengage from our stories, social conditioning and patterns, to truly see our inner beauty and our purpose.

Mine facilitates the group masterfully. I wish every woman had the opportunity to participate in her workshops. Without hesitation I recommend you to join her. It will be a well spent day nurturing yourself and connecting to your deeper desires, intuition and freedom.”

~Trine Sundal, Yoga Teacher, Norway

Galina Fryshko

“I attended Mine’s ‘Celebrating the Divine Feminine Workshop’ because I wanted to unleash my feminine power through creative dancing movements and feel a deeper connection to my real self. Time flew during the workshop as I had the chance to experience a relaxing yoga flow, swirl around the room fully absorbed in the elemental dancing and reflect on my sensations without being judged. The space created by Mine made me open up naturally to what was supposed to take place.

Mine’s ability to guide others through the journey of self-discovery is impeccable. She’s a highly intuitive teacher who truly enjoys empowering women. Mine uses sound healing at some stages of her workshop and that makes the experience more personalized and unique. If somebody would like to join Mine’s workshops I would say, ‘Go for it!’ There is nothing to lose but everything to gain.”

~Galina Fryshko, Yoga Teacher, Kazakhstan

“Every class and workshop with Mine is a gift! Her 5 Elements Dance offerings gave me freedom to express myself freely and authentically through dance. It helped me to tap into my femininity, gain confidence and accept my body. Mine is nurturing, encouraging, accepting and non-judgmental. She is very intuitive, reading bodies and the unique challenges of her students.She is completely present with each and every one of her students and has an amazing way of meeting them wherever they are in their life at that moment. Mine also has a lovely energy and ability to bring the best out of you, helping you to blossom. I highly recommend everyone to join her!”

~Marzena Mitura, Social Worker, Poland


“Mine’s ‘Breath of Bliss Breathwork Workshop was grounding and helped me to calm my mind and connect with my spirit. Mine’s capacity to transmit her wisdom in her workshops is unique. I really enjoyed her workshop and I highly recommend it.”

~Monica Biasiolo, Forrest Yoga Teacher & Yoga Health Coach, Italy

Inner Guidance -Sound Healing Session with Mine was truly an amazing and unique experience. It’s hard to describe it with words. I began the session with a general sense of malaise and lack of confidence which I didn’t realize I had until I left it behind somewhere during the session. Afterwards, I felt very relaxed, calm and centered followed by feeling energized, uplifted and confident. I have waited a few days to write this as I wanted to see if the feelings I came away with remained, or changed and the answer is no. Mine blends various practices to create powerful journeys and she immediately makes you feel at ease the first moment you enter her space. Once I had a session with her I knew I need never feel any apprehension about future appointments. To anybody considering working with her one-on-one I would say ‘don’t hesitate’. It will help you to restore harmony and balance so that healing can occur and one you return to wholeness.”  

~Yvonne Bowen Perkins, UK

Una Williams

“I was inspired to join Mine’s Restorative Yoga classes after an illness where I had developed joint pain as a result of Radiotherapy. A mutual friend had recommended Mine’s class as she had found it particularly helpful. I spoke to Mine and she was very encouraging, inspiring and confident that the class would help me. From attending her classes I noticed improved range of movement, increased core strength, and general relaxation and peacefulness. I have always felt grounded, rejuvenated and healed when I leave. I would and have recommended Mine’s classes to other people as I know they help one’s general well being both physical, and emotional.”

~Una Williams, Nurse, Ireland

“Mine’s Restorative Yoga and Sound Healing Workshop was truly a wonderful and blissful experience! She skillfully guided us through a deeply relaxing series of restorative yoga poses combined with breathing exercises, meditation, sound healing vibrations, aromatherapy and hands on healing. >A combination of these powerful practices helped me to peel the layers of tension stored in my body, mind and soul and to achieve deep states of relaxation. I felt so relaxed, such a relaxed state that I never felt in my life before. Mine is wonderful, her voice is calming and her presence is peaceful; she fills the space with her calm and positive energy. I felt nurtured, grounded and filled with light after her workshop. If you feel drawn to join her, don’t think about it, just go for it! She is a living master teacher!”

~Karen Thomas, English Language Teacher, USA

Mine shows lots of compassion towards her students, her teaching style is beautifully delivered and suits all individual’s needs and abilities. She has a clear passion for yoga and its benefits. I would highly recommend Mine to anyone starting out on a yoga journey. She will certainly put you at ease, be gentle with you and guide you in the right way. I feel very blessed to have had Mine in my life as an amazing yoga teacher. She is a true inspiration with a beautiful soul.”

~Janet Vassie, Yoga Teacher at Peaceful Warrior, UK

Blaine Harrison

Mine’s yoga classes helped me to reach my weight loss goal, and reduce my back pain. The classes also exposed me to the mental and physical benefits of yoga and the desire to continue to practice. There is a personal connection in her classes. It feels like the instructions are being directly spoken to you. I started practicing yoga with Mine and she made it very easy for me. I would recommend her to both beginners and experienced yoga students. Thank you Mine for introducing me to yoga, you are a great instructor.”

~Blaine Harrison, Drilling Engineer Specialist, Canada

“It was an absolute pleasure to be part of Mine’s ‘Divine Feminine Retreat’ in Sri Lanka. We all felt love, warmth and connection during our journeys with her. A retreat has been on my ‘to do’ list for a long time and this experience surpassed all my expectations. I am so grateful to Mine for her passion and knowledge about what she teaches.

She gave clear instruction when it was needed, and also gave us space and confidence so that we could explore all the elements and express ourselves as individuals within the group. Her warmth, gentleness, inner power and energy are only some of the many qualities she has that enabled me to embrace every aspect of the retreat with ease and growing confidence. I enjoyed the dance element (something I was a little apprehensive about), the yoga sessions (because I enjoyed her style of teaching, the content and adjustment of yoga postures), the meditation and the ceremonies (I found enlightening, powerful and will remain in my heart).

My experience at the ‘retreat’ has inspired me to give myself time to practice meditation and set ‘intentions’ daily, as well as increasing my yoga practice to: give me confidence to prepare for the impending changes in my life in a positive way; to try to be more accepting and worry less about situations I have no control over and to appreciate life and love.

I was able to fully embrace the whole experience, because Mine made me feel at ease from our first meeting. I would certainly recommend ‘Celebrating the Divine Feminine Retreat’ and would say to anyone considering joining the retreat to go with an openness of mind, to enjoy the experience and have fun! I did.”

~Angela Flegg, Medical Secretary, UK

Agnese Appleby

“I chose to join the ‘Celebrating the Divine Feminine Retreat’ in Sri Lanka because I was looking for a break from my routine which would offer nourishment for my body, mind and soul. Living in household with 4 men (one husband and 3 sons) I often feel overwhelmed with male energy. I was also seeking a journey physically and spiritually in safe and nurturing setting with a teacher I trust.

The week in Sri Lanka was so blissful and felt like it was a holiday in clouds with no  boundaries or limits. It was truly an experience beyond my imagination. I returned from the retreat radiant, able to cope with everyday life with ease, deeply fulfilled and excited to journey forward.

I truly loved and enjoyed all the sessions, mix of different practices and experiences Mine created for us, which was an open-hearted invitation to connect with our feminine essence, to let go and listen to our own hearts to allow ourselves for the journey to begin.

The Divine Feminine Retreat is a precious gift to oneself, it is unique, vibrant and exciting, full of joy. I sure will come back and will bring a friend or sister with me to Mine’s next retreat.”

~Agnese Appleby, Latvia

Celebrating the Divine Feminine Retreat’ gave me a chance to reflect, let go and grow. And to learn some things about self love. A week of incredible food, wonderful yoga sessions, spectacular nature and powerful self discovery.

Mine is an incredibly gentle, warm, thought provoking and insightful teacher. She facilitates a variety of connected ceremonies from dance to self love, letting go, breathing exercises and deep meditation. And of course, yoga! She also has a wonderful way of bringing everyone together to share experiences and support one another.

This isn’t just a yoga retreat, it’s a wonderful chance to escape, reflect and refresh. A chance to go deeper into your mind, body and soul and to really let go of anything holding you back, all the time thoughtfully guided by Mine. Go with open eyes, open ears and an open heart and you will be sure to discover something about yourself and grow from within. As well as meet some incredible women to share it all with! And the Sri Lanka retreat is set in one of the most beautiful settings you could imagine. Absolute escape!”

~Laura Flegg, Science & Wildlife Film Producer, UK

Celebrating The Divine Feminine Retreat at Rukgala, Sri Lanka was very enlightening and transformational. Set in a beautiful space, it was both insightful and rewarding and gave us all time to reflect, meditate and re-assess.

Mine shared a variety of techniques which helped to guide freer thinking through yoga, meditation, dance, ceremony and feminine practices. It was so liberating to explore our habits, conditioning, beliefs and values in a sacred space Mine created. She showed and celebrated with each one of us how to be our authentic selves, leading us in a safe, friendly and relaxed manner.

Mine is a very approachable teacher; it was pleasure to spend time with her chatting and learning besides the classes and workshops. I had enthused on my return about this wonderful experience and have at least three friends most interested in a potential retreat next year already.”

~Susanna Flegg, Midwife & Doula, UK

If you would like to take a journey into yourself, Mine is the caring guide to travel with you. The ‘Celebrating the Divine Feminine Retreat’ at Rukgala, Sri Lanka, close to nature, was absolutely food for the soul, and I continue to carry it with me.”

~Emmie Pollard, Map Specialist, UK

“I attended the ‘Restore and Explore Yoga Retreat’ in Bali at a time when I had big transitions happening in my life. This was the perfect retreat to come back to my centre, to be nurtured by the lush surroundings of the tropical paradise and to be cared for deeply by Mine. She has a very intuitive style and knows exactly what is required by the group as well as each individual. Although this was a beautifully crafted yoga retreat, Mine brought in many other elements (dance, ceremonies, massages, day trips, gifts and more) making our experience absolutely special and wonderful. I felt completely nurtured throughout the entire retreat and left renewed, refreshed and ready to take the next big step in my life. Thank you Mine for a truly unforgettable retreat, I will be back for sure.” 

~Rachelle Billam, Young Living Essential Oil Representative, Australia

Virginia Bunker

Mine’s yoga retreat in Bali incorporating elemental dance was a delight in September 2015. Friendly and well-organized, Mine is a gentle yet very powerful teacher; I have studied with her at different times for at least 10 years. I would recommend her to beginner and more advanced pupils alike. I really felt that I benefited from the retreat both physically, mentally and spiritually. Would love to join one of Mine’s retreats again soon — a ‘no-brainer’ decision!!”

~Virginia Bunker, English Language Teacher and Yoga Instructor, UK

Bob & Bonnie Barbulak

10 out of 10! Mine is a fantastic teacher and I would definitely recommend her retreats. She has wonderful energy, a sense of humor along with the knowledge to help develop your practice. We’ll be back. Thank you Mine for an amazing and transformative week!” 

~Bob & Bonnie Barbulak, Retired, Canada

A Gulden Bickerstaff

Mine is an incredibly wise and powerful teacher and her calm demeanor helps you to flow easily with your practice. The best thing about her teaching is that you notice changes in your body, mind and soul immediately. I have benefited tremendously from Mine’s Yoga and Wellness Retreat in Ubud, Bali and highly recommend her classes, workshops and retreats to everyone.” 

~A Gulden Bickerstaff, Health Coach & Reiki Master, Australia

Mine Yalcin Fuller’s Bio For Publication

Mine Yalcin Fuller is an international yoga teacher, transformational facilitator and the creator of 7 Doorways Method for those who are ready to step into the next-level. Her mission is to empower people to become the most authentic version of themselves, access true vitality and vibrate at their highest frequency.

Inspired by her lifelong quest to seek self-healing, her work is grounded in many years of studying various styles of yoga, sacred movement, spiritual traditions and the healing arts all over the world. Overcoming her own traumas has set her on the path of awakening and now she guides others to do the same. While most of her offerings are open to all, she is particularly passionate about supporting women on their path of healing and to connect their feminine essence.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, a Master’s degree in Human Resources, various certificates in Yoga teaching, and has trained in Sonic Alchemy Sound Healing, 5 Elements Dance Activation, Breath of Bliss Breathwork, Thai Yoga massage, Shakti Spirit Feminine Arts and Reiki energy healing.

Her services include a wide range of signature one-on-one sessions, group classes and international workshops and retreats. She’s a change maker who brings cutting-edge healing practices to her community and to hundreds of people from all over the world to support personal growth, radical self-care, transformation and authentic living.

7 Doorways