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This is my story

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.” -Rumi

The seeds of the work I’m doing today were planted when I was a little girl, but in order to become the woman I was truly meant to be and do my Life’s Work, many layers of trauma, conditioning and genetic coding had to be peeled away.

The story of my past doesn’t run my life anymore.
I share it with you now as an offering of empowerment so that you too, can learn how to heal yourself and shine your light despite the scars left by old wounds and past traumas.

I was born in Turkey shortly after a devastating earthquake. It hit the city where my parents worked as teachers and affected them greatly. I came into this world with the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck. My chances for survival were slim, but miraculously, I endured. As such, my parents called me “survivor.”

During the earthquake, my mother experienced severe anxiety. After it, she developed post traumatic stress disorder. I believe that the anguish she withstood while in the final stages of her pregnancy, left an imprint of fear on my energy field while I was in the womb. This manifested as a sharp pain in my own belly from an early age, which I suffered from for years to come.

Then, when I was 4 years old, we went to visit my mother’s family in Cyprus. We became trapped there during the Greek coup d’état and Turkish Intervention in 1974. Fortunate enough to weather the storms of war, we made it back to our home in Turkey. I was physically safe, but mentally and emotionally shaken. Suffering from PTSD, I lost my voice and became disconnected from my body and Soul. Consequently, I never felt safe.

The traumatization of early childhood seeped into my teenage years. Fear and self doubt cast a shadow upon my ability to express myself as a highly sensitive, empathic being; someone gifted with innate creativity and the capacity to heal. Not wanting to be seen, I hid these gifts from the world and began to forget about and detach from the essence of who I really was.

Then came depression. When I was 24 years old, I stopped interacting with the outside world and spent a couple months in a dark room. In the abyss of despair, I woke one day with a sudden rush of energy – a feeling of total bliss, love and peace that I had never felt before. This sudden burst of euphoria was misdiagnosed by medical professionals as bipolar disorder and I was put on prescription medication, which I took for a period of time.

Deep down though, I knew it wasn’t mental illness that was affecting me. Rather, I recognized that I was journeying through darkness as part of a process of rebirth and remembrance. I was waking up to the truth of who I was.

Even with the weight of these struggles, I managed to complete my master’s degree and started working for a big corporation as a Human Resources Manager. For the seven years that I worked there, I tried to numb my pain by over-working, living in my head and remaining totally disassociated from my body and Soul.

It took awhile to realize that the work I was doing and the environment in which I was doing it was not right for me. I decided to leave the corporate world to follow a higher calling. I knew I wanted to heal myself and others, but didn’t know where to begin.

In 2004, when I was 34, I left my country and travelled for some time. Then my husband’s job took us to Kuwait. During this time, I was developing my own personal yoga practice due to the lack of instructors in the area. One day, I was approached by a colleague of my husband’s who asked if I could teach her yoga, because like me, she was unable to find a local instructor. We began with private sessions which grew into group lessons as other students joined in. Little did I know that this experience would be the beginning of my healing journey and later, become my profession.

With the regular practice of yoga and meditation, I strengthened my body and mind and learned to pause, listen and feel. The more I listened, the more I saw my pain and suffering. Increasingly, I became aware of how I’d been coping all those years. In a moment of clarity, I made a conscious decision to heal myself.

Shortly thereafter, we moved to Saudi Arabia where I was given the opportunity to travel more. Trusting my intuition, I made pilgrimages to sacred sites. My travels have taken me to nearly 60 countries on 6 continents. I’ve prayed in the ashrams of India, chanted with Buddhist monks in Bhutan and Burma, meditated in the caves of Sedona, danced in Hawaii and Bali, fasted and cleansed in Thailand, participated in shamanic ceremonies and received blessings from Peruvian shamans, and worked with numerous healers around the world.

Initiated and activated, the Divine Feminine awoke in me and revealed my Soul’s calling. I became a certified Yoga Instructor, Breathwork Facilitator, 5 Elements Dance Teacher, Sound Therapist, Shakti Spirit Teacher and Reiki Energy Healer.

Over the last 14 years, I’ve shared the ancient teachings of yoga, meditation, and other healing practices with hundreds of students from all over the world, guiding them to strengthen their bodies, calm their minds, open their hearts, and reveal their natural state of peace.

I became a pioneer, introducing cutting edge healing practices to my community, including transformational breathwork, ecstatic dance and sacred feminine practices. Since 2016 I’ve been working closely with women, helping them to peel away the layers of conditioning, connect with their gifts, awaken the Divine Feminine within and embody their power.

It took me many years to free myself of childhood and ancestral trauma; to trust, to feel safe, to surrender, and to make the shift from victim mentality to one of empowerment. I came to understand, that what happened to me was part of my soul’s journey. I recognized that I possess the qualities of sensitivity, intuition, and the ability to heal. I opened my heart, found my voice and now, I’m sharing my gifts with the world.

Today I live a purpose-filled life – one that’s in alignment with my Soul’s calling and is full of magic, miracles, blessings and abundance on all levels. With trust and faith, I continue to follow my heart, create the life of my dreams, and help expand light throughout the planet.

This is not to say that my life is without challenges. Challenges do arise. The difference is, that I now know how to respond in an aligned and balanced fashion, rather than reacting in a way that shuts me down and robs me of my peace and joy.

We all have trauma and wounds that outwardly manifest in our lives, but we all have the ability to heal ourselves, too. I didn’t have anybody to show me the way. I had to follow my heart, trust and travel to search for healing. Fortunately, I’m here to guide and support you along the way of your own unique journey in transformation and healing.

All the practices and powerful tools I’ve used in my own healing journey are what I share with others to help them heal themselves.

My intention is to create and hold sacred space so that you can give birth to the best version of yourself and find safety, peace and joy within.
Lilliana Perrucci

I have participated in many workshops and yoga classes Mine has offered and I can only describe them to be ‘Food for the Soul’ where you go in empty and come out refueled with healing energy, thought patterns shifted, and a fresh perspective for your journey. Mine’s workshops and teaching have fostered my own spiritual journey. So grateful!”

~Lilliana Perrucci, Energy Healer, Italy

Caroline Brackmann

“I always look forward to and enjoy Mine’s transformative workshops. She creates a safe and loving space where I can tune into myself and listen to what my soul is saying. I leave her workshops with a renewed focus, calm and a refreshed spirit.”

~Caroline Brackmann, Yoga Teacher, USA

Mine Yalcin Fuller’s Bio for Publication

Mine Yalcin Fuller is an international yoga teacher, transformational facilitator and the creator of 7 Doorways Method for those who are ready to step into the next-level. Her mission is to empower people to become the most authentic version of themselves, access true vitality and vibrate at their highest frequency.

Inspired by her lifelong quest to seek self-healing, her work is grounded in many years of studying various styles of yoga, sacred movement, spiritual traditions and the healing arts all over the world. Overcoming her own traumas has set her on the path of awakening and now she guides others to do the same. While most of her offerings are open to all, she is particularly passionate about supporting women on their path of healing and to connect their feminine essence.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, a Master’s degree in Human Resources, various certificates in Yoga teaching, and has trained in Sonic Alchemy Sound Healing, 5 Elements Dance Activation, Breath of Bliss Breathwork, Thai Yoga massage, Shakti Spirit Feminine Arts and Reiki energy healing.

Her services include a wide range of signature one-on-one sessions, group classes and international workshops and retreats. She’s a change maker who brings cutting-edge healing practices to her community and to hundreds of people from all over the world to support personal growth, radical self-care, transformation and authentic living.

7 Doorways