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Hi, I’m Mine! (pronounced Meeneh)

An international yoga teacher, transformational facilitator and the creator of 7 Doorways Method dedicated to helping you to become the most authentic version of yourself and express your fullest potential.

If you know it’s your time to transform, heal and inspire, then you’ve come to the right place. Please do take a look around the website, explore and let me know how I can serve. I look forward to meeting and supporting you on your journey!

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7 Doorways

My Signature Offering
Transformative sessions with me, tailor-made according to your unique needs.

Soul Medicine Yoga

Unwind and Nourish the Body, Mind and Soul
You will leave class feeling grounded, inspired and connected.


Inspirational and Healing
Various mini-retreats hosted with specific intentions for transformation.

Events & Retreats

Connect With Your True Essence
Enjoy a week of healing practices and uplifting activities to transform your life.

Mine’s classes and workshops are life changing. I have experienced clarity in my life direction in her visioning workshops, release from energetic blockages through her breathwork journeys, body alignment in her yoga and dance classes, and a quiet sense of deep healing in her sound healing sessions.

I highly recommend her work for those wanting to get clear in their life focus, to grow past personal limitations, to awaken the Divine Feminine, and to deepen and expand compassion for themselves and others.

~Kat Lehman, Librarian & Writer, USA

Mine Yalcin Fuller is an international yoga teacher, transformational facilitator and the creator of 7 Doorways Method for those who are ready to step into the next-level. Her mission is to empower people to become the most authentic version of themselves, access true vitality and vibrate at their highest frequency.

Inspired by her lifelong quest to seek self-healing, her work is grounded in many years of studying various styles of yoga, sacred movement, spiritual traditions and the healing arts all over the world. Overcoming her own traumas has set her on the path of awakening and now she guides others to do the same. While most of her offerings are open to all, she is particularly passionate about supporting women on their path of healing and to connect their feminine essence.

Her services include a wide range of signature one-on-one sessions, group classes and international workshops and retreats. She’s a change maker who brings cutting-edge healing practices to her community and to hundreds of people from all over the world to support personal growth, radical self-care, transformation and authentic living.

7 Doorways